StrengthsFinder Signature

CliftonStrengths is an assessment tool that helps to identify what strengths an individual possesses and helps teams understand one another in order to maximize their ability to work with each other. My StrengthsFinder Signature is:


I love to learn and the process of learning. I thrive in the excitement of learning new things and sharing ideas with others.


I’m fascinated by ideas. I connect with people through ideas and I am energized by ideas that make me think of things in a way I never have before.


I’m quick to smile and welcome others. I find confidence in positivity and I think that no matter the setback, there is no reason to lose our sense of humor. Work should, as often as possible, be fun; we’re lucky to do it.


I’m able to change course as the situation requires. Sudden demands of the moment are not detours, they are part of the journey.


I enjoy the strength and loyalty of my friends and family. I develop close relationships and appreciate when people are as invested in me as I am in them.