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Art Direction

I’ve acted as an art director on many projects and publications during the last 10 years of my career. Some projects I’ve directed my own employees and others I’ve acted as project manager and assigned tasks to outside players.


My career has been dotted with dozens of logos, brand guides and usage strategies. Please have a look at my work for a few of my favorites.

Content Strategy

Weeding down content is incredibly hard. It is particularly difficult for academics, and even tougher for government agencies. I’ve been that guy for both of those sectors. I’ve worked with large and small teams to highlight the type of content that is needed for blogs for individual professors as well as large multi agency initiatives such as the Flint Water Crisis.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is where I got my start in the creative field. I have over 20 years of design experience. That’s a long enough time to see my old stuff go out of style and then come roaring back into trend, like vinyl records and duck boots.


I’ll just say it’s more than a – developing hobby – (groans welcome). I’ve been shooting photos for the majority of my career. I’m comfortable with a variety of equipment and happy to capture in any environment. Just please don’t ask me to photograph Rudy Giuliani again.

Project Management

Project management has been the name of the game for 10 years. I’ve been given projects and asked to run with them. I enjoy making videos with other members of the team.

Web Design

I’ve been a webmaster to large websites in the past, and I’m still the webmaster of this page. I’m now at home working as a part of a web team to design new sites or revamp old ones. As a great team effort, the MSU College of Education redesigned our website using my design in 2021. We’re really proud of it.

Video Production

Planning, scripting, shooting, narrating, editing, watching, eating the popcorn, picking up the awards; I’ve done it all. I’m most proud of one of my team’s projects that helped get my student employee her first ADDY award.

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StrengthsFinder Signature

CliftonStrengths is an assessment tool that helps to identify what strengths an individual possesses and helps teams understand one another in order to maximize their ability to work with each other. My StrengthsFinder Signature is:


I love to learn and the process of learning. I thrive in the excitement of learning new things and sharing ideas with others.


I’m fascinated by ideas. I connect with people through ideas and I am energized by ideas that make me think of things in a way I never have before.


I’m quick to smile and welcome others. I find confidence in positivity and I think that no matter the setback, there is no reason to lose our sense of humor. Work should, as often as possible, be fun; we’re lucky to do it.


I’m able to change course as the situation requires. Sudden demands of the moment are not detours, they are part of the journey.


I enjoy the strength and loyalty of my friends and family. I develop close relationships and appreciate when people are as invested in me as I am in them.

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Trevor and Sparty

Hello, I’m very interested in hearing from you. Please reach out to me with any questions you have.

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